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CO2 sensors

NL-ECO-CO2 sensor

NLII-CO2 sensor

NLII-CO2-R sensor

NLII-CO2-R-5 sensor

ADS-CO2-24 sensor

ADS-CO2-230 sensor

ADS-CO2-D sensor

Datalogger ZG 106

Relay for ZG 106

Air quality (VOC) sensors

NL-ECO-iVOC sensor

NLII-iVOC sensor

NLII-iVOC-R sensor

ADS-VOC-230V sensor

ADS-VOC-24V sensor

Relative humidity sensors

NL-ECO-RH sensor

NLII-RH-R sensor

ADS-RH-D sensor

ADS-RH-24 sensor

ADS-RH-230 sensor

Combined sensors

NLII-RH+T-R sensor

NLII-iVOC+RH-R sensor

NLII-CO2+RH-R sensor

Cigarette smoke sensors

ADS-SMOKE-24 sensor

ADS-SMOKE-230 sensor


Triac regulator

Tips and articles

Autocalibration function

Placement recommendations for IAQ sensors

General data protection

Photos, logos

Room sensor NLII

Room sensor ADS

Duct sensor ADS

Triac regulator

Datalogger ZG106

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Logo Careforair