Čidlo s modulem Sigfox

Wireless cloud solution – SIGFOX modules

At Protronix, we have been dealing with indoor air quality sensors for many years and offer you solutions to efficiently control ventilation or heat recovery units. Now you can transmit, store and monitor the measured values on a server located in the cloud. For example, you can monitor carbon dioxide concentration, relative humidity or indoor air temperature over a long period of time. One of the solutions we can offer you is SIGFOX sensors and radio communication modules.

The sensors communicate in a wireless network developed by the French company SIGFOX, which launched it in 2012. This network allows sensors or other IoT (= Internet of Things) devices to communicate cheaply, securely and over long distances with minimal power consumption.  Currently, the SIGFOX network covers most Western European countries and the Czech Republic has more than 93% coverage.


Sigfox moduly implementované v čidlech kvality vzduchu a jejich funkce

Fig. 1 – principle of data transfer

SIGFOX base stations

The functioning of Protronix sensors with this module can be imagined similarly to the functioning of mobile phones. SIGFOX BTS – base stations are located around the Czech Republic, they receive data from the sensors and then transmit the measured information to the cloud, where it is stored for the needs of users, see Figure 1 – the principle of data transmission. The communication between the sensor and the base station takes place over a distance of up to 50 kilometres.

Fig. 2 – Sample apartment with air quality sensors

The customer purchases a tariff and then uses their login details to register their sensors on the Sigfox website. The data is updated every 10 minutes, so the sensor sends up to 144 messages per day.

We will be happy to send you access to a sample account where you can view data and other details from the monitored apartments and offices.

Data visualization

The data can be visualized using an application that needs to be created and linked to the corresponding data in the cloud.

Figure 2 shows an example of an application specifically developed to monitor the indoor environment. It was developed at Brno University of Technology within the specific research project “Efficiency analysis, management methodology and energy consumption of environmental engineering systems”. Figure 3 shows a graph of the carbon dioxide concentration over time.

The clear advantage over other cloud solutions is that you do not have to worry about the actual transmission of the measured data. You only need to get a Protronix sensor with Sigfox module and no other device (like wifi, gateway, …) is needed.

Fig. 3 – CO2 concentration monitoring graph






Our range of air quality sensors with SIGFOX module includes:

combined CO2 and humidity sensors

combined VOC and humidity sensors

humidity and temperature sensors

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