Suitable conditions

  • in the places that are most meaningful in terms of indoor air quality
  • in the height of about 1.0 to 2.0 m on the inner walls
  • at least 1 m from the corner
  • at least 0.5-1 m from the door
  • a minimum of about 1 meter from the corner of the room
  • in places where the temperature is in the range of about 10-40 ° C
  • close the exhaust of the air from the room

Inappropriate conditions

  • near windows
  • near the entrance door
  • on the outside (perimeter) walls
  • in areas with a limited air circulation such as a vestibule, niches, etc.
  • in places with steep changes of temperature
  • in areas with steep changes of humidity
  • in places where occurs condensation of air humidity
  • in places where people breath out directly on the sensors
  • in areas where vapors of various chemicals may be present such as detergents, etc.
  • in areas where is the risk of splashing sensors with different liquids


MANUAL: an-Recommendations for placement of IAQ sensors -en-V1-131127


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