Regulator UR10-AIR

◦ universal regulator
◦ analog input 0-10 V
◦ relay 10 A / 250 V AC
◦ power supply 230 V

The controller is intended for air quality sensors with standard analog output 0-10V. The controller allows you, with using the two rotary elements, to easily set the lower and upper limit of the output relay switching. The output is equipped with a switching relay. The current status of the controller is clearly displayed by indicator lights.

The UR10-AIR is used for switching for example fans, depending on the concentration of gaseous air pollutants in the air. It is used in workplaces, in households, public areas, etc.

  • very easy to use
  • small dimensions
  • analog input 0 – 10 V
  • control output – switching relay
  • simply adjustable limits of switching
  • remembers the last state after the AC power is restored if AC power failure occurs
  • easy DIN rail mounting


Attached documents


User manual