Triac regulator RTE 6

Triac regulator RTE 6

RTE-6 is designed to control the power or fan speed in dependence on the size of input variable. It is applicable for single-phase loads and max current of 6 A.

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The 0-10 V DC input (U clamp), 0-20 mA input (I clamp) or the five digital inputs (clamps D1 – D5) can be used as the control variable. If there isn´t any digital input connected or both the analog inputs are zero, the triac will turn-off. The minimal revolutions can be adjusted in range roughly 60 – 150 V with use of the trimmer placed near the terminals. The regulator us equipped with an emergency input (clamps TK -TK). If this input will open, the triac will turn-off. The fan thermo-contact can be connected to it. To protect against thermal overload of the triac there is a temperature sensor inside the regulator. An LED pilot light is signalizing the regulator actual state.


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