NLII-CO2 sensor

◦ carbon dioxide measuring
◦ 3x LED indicator
◦ power supply 24 V AC/DC
◦ analog output

NLII-CO2 is used to monitor air quality inside buildings and power control ventilation (HVAC) systems according to current levels of air internal air quality. It can be effectively used in offices, classrooms, shopping centers, homes, restaurants, fitness centers, commercial buildings, etc.

The measuring of CO2 is based on the principle of infrared radiation attenuation dependence on the CO2 concentration in the air (NDIR). Built-in auto-calibration function ensures very good long term stability.

Three LED indicators indicate in easy way actual internal air quality level. The level of eco indicates a good level of air quality necessary to achieve a sense of well-being together with optimized power consumption required for heating or air conditioning the interior.

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