NL-ECO-CO2-BA sensor

◦ instant ventilation button
◦ selectable CO2 measuring range
◦ analogueue output, relay
◦ power supply 12 and 24 V

The NL-ECO-CO2-BA room sensor is used to continuously monitor indoor air quality and also to effectively control the HVAC system performance in accordance with the current air pollution level. The sensor continuously monitors the carbon dioxide concentration (CO2) in the air. It is suitable for offices, schools, lecture rooms, shopping centres, households, restaurants, fitness centres, commercial buildings, etc.
BOOST button – BOOST mode

This mode is used to set the sensor-controlled HVAC to maximum power regardless of the current concentration (also depends on the HVAC setting)\. In this mode, the relay is switched and the sensor output is set to the maximum – 10VDC. You can find more information about the boost button function in the Instructions for this sensor.

The sensor also has a switchable audible alarm to indicate that the pre-set CO2 concentration level has been exceeded.


EN: Datasheet
EN: Manual