NLII-iVOC sensor

◦ intelligent sensor of organic compounds
◦ power supply 24 V AC/DC
◦ analog output
◦ 3x LED indication

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Room sensor NL-iVOC is used to monitor air quality inside buildings and power control ventilation (HVAC) systems according to current levels of air pollution. The sensor can be effectively used in offices, classrooms, restaurants, kitchens, fitness…

Built-in advanced iVOC sensor is sensitive to volatile organic substances typically contained in the stuffy air – gaseous metabolic products of human bodies and other gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde, cooking vapors, fumes from paints, varnishes, adhesives, detergents, etc. that CO2 sensor does not detect. NL-iVOC sensor detects gaseous pollutant substances in the air that are the main reason for ventilation. Sensor NL-iVOC approximates to human perception of air quality. The output of the sensor is calibrated as equivalent to a standard CO2 sensor.

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