Why carbon dioxide sensors?

Concentration of CO2 in the air is a good indicator of a stuffy indoor air and corresponds very well with the number of people residing in this close space.

Why is it beneficial to have the air quality sensor, if you already have a ventilation

Air quality sensors precisely regulate the ventilation, which is a big advantage in public buildings with a variable number of people inside. They help to save energy and therefore cost.

Poor air quality at exhibitions

Graph that shows the concentration of CO2 at the fair Aquatherm, which took place in the autumn of 2012 at the new exhibition halls in Letňany.

Recommendations for placement of air quality sensors

Practical advice for placing of indoor air quality sensors. Install the sensor so that you ensure the most accurate measurement!

What principled do the air quality sensors work on?

Are you lost in the technical terms associated with measuring the concentration of different substances in the air? Sensors for measuring CO2, CO, volatile organic compounds, etc. operate on three fundamental principles from which lately is the most commonly used the NDIR principle. What does NDIR mean and how do the sensors work on this principle and on other ones?