Dvě dívky jsou v koupelně s čidlem relativní vlhkosti NLII

Air humidity is a meteorological element that describes the amount of water vapour in the air that is contained mainly in the lower levels of atmosphere and that is originated by evaporation from large bodies of water, soil, plants, animals, etc.

Humidity sensors are suitable for the control of air-conditioning in indoor spaces according to the measured values of the relative humidity. According to the adjusted humidity the sensor switches on or off the controlled output, or reduces or increases the performance of the ventilation unit.

Unit of humidity is expressed in % RH (relative humidity). Humidity definitely should normally not be more than sixty percent. Commonly, it is reported an ideal situation around fifty percent.

An excessive humidity stays behind the formation of mildews, which certainly do not contribute to human health. In addition, they destroy everything that they get in touch with. The mildews can then be found on the walls, under the carpets, on the furniture, as well as textiles. Neither too dry air is suitable for living and in many blocks of flats there is a relative humidity of 30 percent or less. In conditions of an extremely low relative humidity it leads to drying of the mucous membranes, which causes various health problems. In addition, low air humidity force, to achieve the same feeling of heat, to heat on a higher temperature, up to 2-3 °C.

The basic step to maintain the ideal humidity in the interior is to follow its value. Our company offers a humidity sensor in spatial and drain models. In the new design, we also offer a humidity sensor combined with a temperature sensor.

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