Člověk, který drží cigaretu v restauraci a opodál sedící ženě se to nezamlouvá

How to ventilate the restaurant in order to ensure the fresh air inside the restaurant but not to spend unnecessarily? How often should you ventilate? Restaurant owners certainly have a lot to think about, especially when the opinions of guests differ …

Regarding the intensity of ventilation non-smokers would say that we should constantly ventilate, smokers do not mind a bit of smoke, but when they start to have problems with breathing, clouds of tobacco smoke bother them too. So how to ensure the sufficient ventilation in restaurants with a sufficient supply of fresh air without the unnecessary ventilation? The solution is a sensor that can scan the concentration of substances generated during the burning of cigarettes.

It is well known that during burning cigarettes various waste products are produced that are not suitable for human health. In the tobacco smoke have been identified more than 4000 different chemical compounds, which contribute to harmful effects on human health.

Generally, we can divide fumes of burning tobacco into several groups: these are toxic gases, aromatic hydrocarbons, alkaloids, heavy metals, and the last one are the solids. Interesting are those chemicals that we can relatively easily evaluate by means of electronic sensors and then based on that control the ventilation systems.


The most important alkaloid that contains the tobacco smoke is nicotine. Its content is about 1-4 mg in one cigarette. After inhalation of cigarette smoke it gets through the blood stream to the brain during a few seconds.

Toxic Gases

During burning tobacco, a whole range of toxic gases is originated of which toxicologically the most important is carbon monoxide – CO. It is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas with a high ability to bind to haemoglobin (more than 200 times higher ability than oxygen) and it is highly toxic. It prevents the transmission of oxygen in the blood from the lungs to the body, thus it causes suffocation.

Another important toxic gas, in terms of the negative effects on humans, is nitrogen dioxide – NO2. It penetrates very easily from the lungs into the blood and it can cause problems especially to children and to sensitive individuals such as asthma sufferers. For them, ten times lower concentration of nitrogen dioxide is considered safe than for healthy individuals. Nitrogen dioxide irritates the mucous membranes, causes burning eyes, difficult breathing, and headaches.

Sulphur dioxide is in the tobacco smoke in minute amounts, which is about 10 times less dangerous than carbon dioxide.

Another toxic gas of the tobacco smoke is formaldehyde, a colourless gas with a pungent odour, which is carcinogenic, it causes irritation of mucous membranes and respiratory problems and it causes headaches. in susceptible  individuals formaldehyde may cause asthmatic problems, bronchitis, skin inflammations and irritation of the eyes.

Aromatic hydrocarbons

It is a wide range of different chemical substances such as naphthalene, phenanthrene and anthracene.

Heavy metals

In the tobacco smoke there are present heavy metals in trace amounts. Particularly nickel, cadmium and arsenic are dangerous for health.

Solid particles

Tobacco smoke emanating from a burning cigarette consists of small solid particles, which are called tar particles. During the inhalation of tobacco smoke they enter into the lungs to the alveoli, where they settle and form a black film on the smoker’s lung tissue.

For the purpose of monitoring the air quality in terms of pollution by cigarette smoke are important aromatic hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and hydrogen. These substances can be indicated by means of sensitive semiconductor sensors. For the purpose of monitoring air pollution in establishments where people smoke, we sell new sensors ADS SMOKE. These sensors are based on an electrochemical principle and show a high sensitivity even to very low concentrations of gaseous pollutants that are found in the cigarette smoke. On the front side of the sensor it is possible to adjust the level of switching ventilation by means of a control ring.


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