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Together, we create a well coordinated team - we provide the development and production of innovative sensors and detectors, you provide their expert assembly. We try to make entrepreneurship as easy as possible, and adjust the sensors and detectors and simplify their assembly as much as possible.
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Martin Kučera

Head of Technical Department

+420 722 931 799

Why our sensors

Wide range of power supply

Wide range of power supply, DC and AC power supply: 14–40 VDC, 18–30 VAC


Simple installation and setting

Voltage and current output

Voltage output 0–10V and current output 0–20mA, 4–20mA

Two-step control

Possibility of cascade switching with two relays in the new NLII series - the possibility of two-step control of a ventilation unit with a sensor


It doesn't require maintenance during operation

Easy installation

Possible installation on an installation box

Why us


Years of experience in the application of micro-processors in industrial electronics


Czech company founded in 2001 with ISO 9001:2009 certification

Hardware and software

We design and create both necessary hardware and control software.