Sensor communication over IQRF network

Visualization of measured data from sensors (CO2, VOC, humidity,…) is very useful to identify the specific problem and its subsequent solution. This is exactly what the IQRF communication modules help us to provide.

(IQRF = Intelligent Radio Frequency)

Transmission of information

For several years we have been part of the IQRF Alliance, i.e. we implement IQRF modules in our sensors. The IQRF network is a wireless technology operating with a range of several hundred meters and has ultra-low operating power. IQRF networks can be easily connected to various cloud solutions with a wide range of gateways (Ethernet, GSM, Wi-Fi).

This technology has a division into three most common sections:

Smart City -> street lighting, on-street parking, etc.,
Smart Buildings -> indoor lighting or heating,
Internet of Things -> metering and sensor networks

IQRF Annual Summit

For several years in a row, this year (4/2019) we participated in the traditional IQRF Summit at the Clarion Hotel in Prague, where more than 15 companies using IQRF modules in their equipment participated.

Watch the expert lecture of the executive director and owner of Protronix s.r.o. Mr. Ing. Miloš Žáček: