IQRF Wireless Challenge III

The IQRF Alliance announced a worldwide contest IQRF Wireless Challenge III in the best new wireless applications. The contest closes on 21st May 2017 and the final competition of the best projects will be held at the IQRF Summit 2017, Prague in June 2017. The contest just joined new partners ranking among the most renowned technical companies.

Protronix na OpenStack Summitu v texaském Austinu

Zástupci českých firem zabývajících se problematikou Cloud Computing a senzorickými bezdrátovými sítěmi se zúčastnili týdenní konference OpenStack Summit v Austinu ve dnech 25. – 29. dubna 2016. Pro Českou republiku je významné, […]

Auto-calibration function CO2

Sensors usually have a built-in auto-calibration function that provides an automatic periodic recalibration of the sensor to the fresh air. This eliminates the aging of the sensor and ensures a long-term stability of parameters.

NEW LINE sensors

The new series of air quality sensors! The sensors are designed to monitor the quality of the indoor air. They measure carbon dioxide, relative humidity, volatile organic compounds and the temperature in various combinations (carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide + relative humidity, VOC, VOC + relative humidity, relative humidity and relative humidity + temperature). The sensors have analogy outputs 0-10 V / 0-20 mA / 4-20 mA, it is possible to choose the option with the relay, power is 12 to 40 V DC or 14-30 V AC. Complete information about the NEW LINE sensors you can find in a list of products of our company.

Intelligent ventilation systems managed by a real need

What is the difference between the unregulated ventilation and the VAV ventilation system (From the English phrase: variable air volume) and DCV (from the English phrase: demand controlled ventilation)? The article describes the advantages and disadvantages of the functioning of the system. VAV system is explained on the specific example in our company. It is described the initial regulation of the system and its operation during several years. Ventilation is regulated here by means of the air quality sensors, which are directly in our company.

Triac regulator

RTE-6 regulator is designed to control the power and and speed in dependence on the size of the input variable for a single-phase loads with a maximum current of 6A.

Carbon dioxide in the interior – real measurements

Our company conducted a survey in kindergarten, school and office. We placed the air quality sensors to the classrooms and offices. Were were the values of carbon dioxide the worst? Maybe the results will not surprise you, but is it correct that children spend so much time in closed rooms where the air quality is often alarming? The survey, which we conducted in the bedrooms shows that even in the night the air quality is not better, rather worse. This means that more than half of the day we breathe a poor quality air. Do you think it's okay?

Recommendations for placement of air quality sensors

Practical advice for placing of indoor air quality sensors. Install the sensor so that you ensure the most accurate measurement!

Alarm for the presence of the poisonous carbon monoxide (CO)

Indicator and the effective home alarm H450 for the presence of the deadly poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) that is produced by the incomplete or incorrect fuel combustion in boilers, fireplaces, stoves, gas stoves, or the incomplete chimney flue due to the improper installation or adverse weather conditions, will warn on time the user yet on the minimum concentration of this gas without color and smell and saves his life. Ensure your quiet sleep with the alarm H450EN!


Development and production of electronics

The main activity of Protronix company is development and production of industrial electronics including customer-tailored development and production of industrial electronics.

We are focused on application of single-chip microcontrollers, especially in the area of monitoring and regulating technology. We develop both hardware and software for particular equipment. Furthermore we produce internal air quality sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, relative humidity sensors, carbon dioxide data-loggers, ammonia data-loggers, control electronics for HVAC units, temperature controllers, sauna temperature controllers, solar heating controllers etc. We can offer not only development of control electronics, but also customised production of electronics (from single pieces to medium scale production).

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