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We started with the brain (control electronics) for the ventilation units. We also not only needed to control the ventilation, but also to somehow measure the air quality and ventilate accordingly. So we started to develop the first CO2 and relative humidity...

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IQRF Wireless Challenge III

The IQRF Alliance announced a worldwide contest IQRF Wireless Challenge III in the best new wireless applications. The contest closes on 21st May 2017 and the final competition of the best projects will be held at the IQRF Summit 2017, Prague in June 2017. The contest just joined new partners ranking among the most renowned technical companies.

Auto-calibration function CO2

Sensors usually have a built-in auto-calibration function that provides an automatic periodic recalibration of the sensor to the fresh air. This eliminates the aging of the sensor and ensures a long-term stability of parameters.

Sensors of dangerous gases

Carbon monoxide poisoning, which threatens people, can be of two types: continuous or sudden. The systematic poisoning, which can be very slow, occurs when people are in the room where constantly leaks CO.